The YUI 3 Cookbook is Underway

It’s already been announced on yuiblog, so it’s probably high time it got mentioned here. On March 1, I started writing the YUI 3 Cookbook, due from O’Reilly Press early next year.

This is all on top of my regular job, so taking on this project has unfortunately meant some… lifestyle cutbacks. For instance, there’s a guy at work who has decorated his cube and the adjacent hallway with posters and paraphernalia from every newly released computer game known to man. This means I have to steel my nerves and walk past a Dragon Age II poster every day. Every day, people!

Those sacrifices aside, I’m thrilled that YUI team asked me to work on this project, and my wife and young son have been enormously supportive about the whole thing. At least, I think my son is supportive. Whenever I ask him about it, he says “Hey!” and tries to chew on my finger, which I’m pretty sure means, “Go Dad!” Either that, or he’s saving up his grievances for later.

Some info about the YUI 3 Cookbook, in order of priority:

  • No, I do not know which animal is going to be on the cover.
  • The material will focus exclusively on YUI 3.
  • The cookbook will contain over 200 recipes. Each recipe has the form “Problem”, “Solution”, and “Discussion”, much like other cookbooks released by O’Reilly.
  • The total length will be on the order of 500 pages, including TOC and index.
  • In the YUI Library forums, I’ve created a thread with links to a strawman TOC and a sample PDF. The material is completely unedited, not technically reviewed, and riddled with red TODOs. But it should give you an idea of the scope and style.

Much more to come.

10 thoughts on “The YUI 3 Cookbook is Underway

  1. I’m not sure I believe anyone with a small child has time for Dragon Age anyhow.

    *I* don’t have time for DA2 — in fact, I haven’t even gotten time to play DA1 — and all I have is a full-time job, two part-time jobs, classes, and a wedding to plan. Nothing compared to the demands of a larval-stage human.

  2. Can’t wait to see this. There really aren’t any published resources available for this library.

  3. Thanks, DMG! Yeah, as far as I know, there is one YUI 2 book, and this is the first one for YUI 3.

    Also Auros, you are right, I have no time for DA2. Barely enough time even to play Civ on my small mobile device while waiting in line and such. 🙂

  4. After going through “JavaScript – The Good Parts”, “JavaScript Patterns”, “High Performance JavaScript” from O’REILLY | Yahoo! Press, had more expectations from this book. For jQuery there are ‘n’ numbers of (cook)book available but for YUI 3.X there is none. I was really anticipating that this book will have one dedicated chapter for the YUI core. This book mainly stresses on DOM Scripting, YUI is much, much more than Dom Scripting. There is a chapter dedicated to Professional tools. Does it speaks any thing other than FireBug? Chrome developer tool nowadays seems to be the better choice over FireBug (No doubt that FireBug has been the pioneer). I hope the Chapter 4 speaks about the custom events instead of just rolling around the native DOM events. To be honest I could not find the zeal to continue reading beyond first few pages (Have gone through all the section headings and sub-headings). However I appreciate your effort for drafting the first ever YUI guide (No intention to insult YUI Library, I love the documentation of YUI Library, Api documentation is awesome). I had anticipated more in depth anatomy of YUI framework to be reflected in this book. Thank you for your efforts.

  5. Hi Sarbottam,

    I’m a bit confused by your comment, particularly since the YUI 3 Cookbook has not been released yet. In any case, please rest assured that the book covers far more than DOM manipulation — including custom events, utilities, YUI infrastructure classes, widgets, the App Framework, and much much more.

    As for the Professional Tools chapter, it is mostly focused on YUI Test and Yeti with some additional discussion of YUI Compressor and YUIDoc. The chapter has little to do with Firebug.

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