Back Away Slowly from the Crazy Man

This evening, I just noticed that the light sweater I had been wearing all day happens to be inside-out. Now I’m wondering why no one mentioned anything.

Theory 1: Nobody noticed or cared, kind of like nobody notices or cares about your bad hair days either. On even a casual inspection, it’s obvious: the seams on the sides are showing, there’s a little tag on the side, the buttons aren’t visible, and so on. But on the other hand, people really don’t look that closely at these things, the sweater is a basic dark grey all around and so who else would ever notice? Particularly since I work with engineers. God bless engineers.

Theory 2: People did notice and decided that I was going crazy, since I’m really too young even for early-onset dementia. Just smile and nod and back away from the crazy writer guy and hope you don’t need to flee the building later that afternoon.

I’m leaning towards Theory 2, since I haven’t shaved since Monday. Plus I was having a bad hair day. My job depends on establishing relationships with my engineering colleagues based on mutual respect… but failing that, fear works too.

Plus, Maybe He’ll Get Superpowers!

My cousin just turned 30. Happy birthday, Auros!

Some people hit thirty and begin if it’s time for a mid-life crisis. Not my cousin, though, he’s made of sterner stuff:

I dunno. Isn’t the midlife crisis thing, where you go out and get a car and a girlfriend inappropriate for someone your age, supposed to happen around 50?

I’m not particularly planning to have one of those, though. Nobody in my family seems to have done that…

As far as I know, he’s right, nobody in the family has a ridiculous mid-life crisis car at the moment. Frankly, our extended family is mostly not that into cars. Cars are boxes that take us from point A to point B.

That said, Grandpa Bert’s fast-car genes must still be lurking somewhere in Auros’s genome. Waiting to be exposed to the right trigger, waiting to be expressed…

Maybe we should expose him to radiation or something.