Pop Quiz: Good Parenting

You are a software engineer with a wife and two young children. Your coworker “Evan” has invited you out for beers at The Faultline after work. The last two times you had to take a raincheck. This evening might actually work, except you’re supposed to get home early to play with the kids before bedtime.

Do you:

  • A) tell Evan that you can’t make it this week, but next week for sure
  • B) apologize to your family and promise to make up for it with extra play time at this weekend, cross your heart and hope to die
  • C) growl, “You kids gotta learn about the cold cruel world sometime!” and slam the door on the way out

Hint: there is a right answer!

Thank Gods for the iPhone App Store

Thanks to Jax Schumann, I just learned that there is now a Cylon Detector iPhone app available:

Friends. Family. Coworkers. Everyone around you has one thing in common: They might be a frakking cylon.

With the iPhone Cylon Detector, you will know the truth.

This is an outstanding development. Previously, the only known reliable methods for identifying Cylons were:

  • Dismantle a nuclear warhead and use the enriched radioactive material to construct a lab-sized Cylon detector.
  • Have sex with the Cylon and check to see if his or her spine lights up.

This iPhone thingy seems a lot easier.