A Lost JavaScript Framework

Toad and Frog went for a long walk.

They walked across a large meadow.

They walked in the woods.

They walked along the river.

At last they went back home to Toad’s house.

“Oh, drat,” said Toad. “Not only do my feet hurt, but I have lost one of the JavaScript frameworks I was using to build my startup.”

“Don’t worry,” said Frog. “We will go back to all the places where we walked. We will soon find your framework.”

They walked back to the large meadow. They began to look for the framework in the tall grass.

“Here is your framework!” cried Frog.

“That is not my framework,” said Toad. “That framework is really just a glorified DOM abstraction library. My framework was component-oriented.”

Toad cloned the DOM abstraction library from GitHub.

A sparrow flew down. “Excuse me,” said the sparrow. “Did you lose a framework? I found one.”

“That is not my framework,” said Toad. That framework supports two-way data binding. My framework relied on one-way data binding.”

Toad cloned the framework with two-way data binding from GitHub.

They went back to the woods and looked on the dark paths.

“Here is your framework,” said Frog.

“That is not my framework,” cried Toad. “That framework is highly opinionated. My framework was flexible.”

Toad cloned the opinionated framework from GitHub.

A raccoon came out from behind a tree. “I heard you were looking for a framework,” he said. “Here is one I just found.”

“That is not my framework!” wailed Toad. “That framework is controlled by a giant corporation. My framework had a proper governance model.”

Toad cloned the corporate framework from GitHub.

Frog and Toad went back to the river. They looked for the framework in the mud.

“Here is your framework,” said Frog.

“That is not my framework!” shouted Toad. “That framework has to be transpiled from some hipster functional language. My framework was good old ECMAScript 2015.”

Toad cloned the hipster framework from GitHub. He was very angry. He jumped up and down and screamed, “The whole world is covered with JavaScript frameworks, and not one of them is mine!”

Toad ran home and slammed the door. There, open in vim on his MacBook, he saw his component-oriented, one-way data bound, unopinionated, well-governed, non-hipster framework.

“Oh,” said Toad. “It was here all the time. What a lot of trouble I have made for Frog.”

Toad took all of the frameworks out of his pocket.

He took his MacBook off of his desk.

Toad used all the frameworks to build a web application.

The next day Toad gave his web application to Frog.

Frog thought that it was beautiful. He shopped it around to angel investors. None of the frameworks crashed.

Toad had glued them all together surprisingly well.

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