Baby Style Wushu

Zheng came to speak with Master Wu one late afternoon. “Master, it is unfair that I keep getting matched up with Li Po during sparring practice,” said Zheng.

“Why is that?” asked Wu.

“It is impossible to defend against him,” replied Zheng, rubbing his bruised jaw. “Li Po is nearly twice my size.”

“Idiot!” snapped Wu. “You should be able to defend against him were he ten times your size! Now go home — you are late for dinner with your wife and son.”

At dinner, Zheng attempted to feed his ten-month-old son spoonfuls of pureed broccoli. It was then that Zheng became enlightened.

Ideal Writing Conditions

When I attended Viable Paradise, Cory Doctorow warned us all in no uncertain terms about ritualizing the writing process. His message was that you needed to be able to write under any conditions. You couldn’t fall into the trap of having to smoke a cigarette, or drink a drink, or sit at your very special writing desk on your very special Writing Day just to get anything done.

Well, I’m working on the YUI 3 Cookbook this afternoon, and:

  • Chores are done (enough).
  • The boy is napping.
  • TRON: Legacy Reconfigured is playing.
  • My wife just brought me a cold beer, unasked.

Not that I want to set myself up so that this becomes the prerequisite state for writing. All I’m saying is, conditions sure as heck could be worse.