No, Your Son is Probably Not Brain Damaged

But how is it that two year old boys just know that they need to run around and shriek, “OOGIE SKOOGIE KAN-NOOGIE!”

Is it nurture? It sure as hell isn’t nurture.

Is it some kind of Jungian collective unconscious… thingy?

Is it genetic? Does it provide some kind of increased chance of survival in the wild? (Because from where I’m standing, quite the opposite.)

5 thoughts on “No, Your Son is Probably Not Brain Damaged

  1. You can’t expect him to be articulate *all* the time! Then again, maybe he’s been possessed by aliens….

  2. Did you mean to write nurture twice?

    I think that even our primitive ancestors needed to spaz for awhile before they were ready for the next big hunt. Sort of tension reliever.

    Also, maybe they would hunt in groups where one would act to attract the large game animals. So your son is just practicing being…bait.

  3. I suspect this is one of those things where memory is a poor predictor. You claim it’s not nurture. But I suspect that if we installed hidden cameras in your house we would find evidence of parental modeling of “OOGIE SKOOGIE KAN-NOOGIE”.

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