Not Cute

Oh sure, the glowing cats are super cute and all. You probably want to rush right out and get one for Christmas? Of course you do.

Just keep in mind that it’s stories like these that make one thing increasingly clear: in the next five years, some deranged madman is going to engineer flying spiders.

Don’t worry, though. Even though they might be flying right at you with their huge creepy fangs and eight hairy legs and eight soulless eyes, just remember that they are more scared of you than you are of them.

Feeling a lot less sanguine about technological progress now, aren’tcha?

6 thoughts on “Not Cute

  1. you are evil. and i am holding you personally responsible for any nightmares i may have tonight (or ever) about flying spiders. but you don’t know who i am, so you’ll probably sleep just fine.

  2. eek. not sure how the quad-post happened there. feel free to delete them (and then this, if it’s made superfluous).

  3. Well, at least if we make cats glow in the dark, they won’t be able to use their supervision to creep on us and devour us.

    As for the spiders — we’ll have to figure out how to produce our own super-spider-silk, to catch the fliers.

  4. Ella: Sorry about the nightmares — if it makes you feel better, I’m also responsible for my own nightmares. Oh, and no worries about the quad post, it’s been corrected.

    Auros: that kind of reminds me of the city in India that’s been overrun by monkeys. Their solution to that problem is… drumroll… to bring in a species of larger, fiercer monkey. I can’t see anything going wrong with *that*.

  5. Although I should note that with the [recent improvements to the Goer household defensive grid](/Journal/2007/09/defensive_screens_at_maximum_strength_captain.html), I’m less worried about the flying spider menace than I otherwise might have been.

  6. Spider silk to catch spiders, thats part of what makes them so scary. Spiders do a great job of keeping the flying insect population in check, but other spiders will just walk out of it. The only natural enemy of a flying spider will be larger, more aggressive flying spiders.

    Also, I read that story about the rampaging monkeys in India. The local police chief was on record as saying that they were able to handle angry bulls but monkeys were beyond their ability to control. Now I’m not a cop, but it seems to me if you can handle a raging bull you can handle a monkey, even one armed with a fistful of poo and uncanny accuracy. Perhaps another sign that I’ve been living in ignorance.

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