A Good Walk Spoiled

I was having a pretty good New Year’s Eve day.

Got a lot of the house cleaned up. Got some papers in order. Sent email thank-yous for various Christmas cards. (Unmarried Jewish guy = email response to Christmas cards is the best I can realistically manage.)

Read the news at a leisurely pace. Bid a last goodbye to a number of entertaining but ultimately pointless political blogs, and their legions of time-wasting commenters. This is one of my New Year’s Resolutions. If I can quit Slashdot, I can quit you too.

Walked down to Satan’s Santana Row and stopped at one of the bistros. Enjoyed a glass of red wine on a cool, sunny day with a bright blue sky. Read most of Life in a Medieval City by the Gies-es-es.

Continued on my way to a small art gallery to look at my two tree paintings again. Actually, prints. They cost $3400 each. The last time I’ve been so affected by artwork was in the Prado looking at The Dwarf Sebastian de Mora. Wished that I had the kind of disposable income that I could just snap my fingers and take them both.

Then back home to do a little more noodling on the computer. And in the process of writing a friend an email, I came to a horrible realization: We are going to be stuck with Carson Daly doing the Rockin’ New Year’s Eve for the next fifty years.


3 thoughts on “A Good Walk Spoiled

  1. No way. I predict that in 2011, Dick Clark will attack Daly on air and drain the young punk’s lifeforce, thus fulfilling The Prophecy* and bringing on an age of peace and enlightenment.

    *Insert your own prophecy here. Me, I like the one that ends with everyone getting donuts.

  2. It’s too late for that, Adam. Sometime in between his radio DJ days and taking over TRL, Carson Daly underwent the agonizing procedures that constitute the Dick Clark Treatments… at an even younger age than Clark himself. Now he has become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.

    The Prophecy will fail. Prepare for dark times ahead.

  3. Someone needs to write a story called “The Dick Clark Protocols.” Or start a band with that name. I bet that would help fullfill The Prophecy*.

    *Now with 30% more prognostication!

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