Fashion Emergency

Karin writes:

To make a long story short, I got bored of studying for the LSAT and after viewing Byron’s latest on storyteller, visited your site. I came upon the journal entry dated Sept. 8, 2002 in which you mention about something about Byron’s raingear and that my role, as his fiancee, is to prevent fashion disasters and all that. Well, as the evidence shows, this is out of my league. I readily admit that I am not woman enough to handle this one. Cute as he may be, he’s on his own when it comes to picking out clothing.

I should state for the record that Karin is currently braving gale-force winds in a rickety wooden Viking ship in the fjords of Norway, so don’t let her attempt to sell herself short fool you. However, even I have to admit that in this instance she has her work cut out for her:

Byron Kubert in bright orange raingear