Bugs, Bugs, Bugs

Byron informs me that he is having a ball in Norway. Sailing Viking ships, eating countless bowls of Gr??t, et cetera. Good clean Norwegian fun. He’s also realized after his first trip out that he needs adequate cold and rain gear for sailing in the fjords (gee, you think?) and so he’s bought a full rain suit “just like in ‘The Perfect Storm'”… including the hat. I should point out that suit is white. How did Karen let that happen? I thought this is why one acquires a fiancee in the first place, to prevent fashion disasters such as this.

On the homefront, I’m battling bugs. A spider in the sock drawer. Ants in the bathroom. Why are there ants in the bathroom? It’s totally clean, and there’s nothing for them to eat. But there’s always three or four trooping around the bathroom like they own the place.

Oh, and then there was the moth. Little guy, smaller than my pinky fingernail. Fast bugger, though. I tried smushing him, but he hopped out of the way. Tried again, but once again he was too fast. Finally I hovered close, waited for him to settle, and with one lightning jab, I got him. That’s right, moth! Three and a half billion years of evolution, and who’s on top of the food chain?

Well okay, maybe it wasn’t such a big deal. But you’ve got to savor your victories, you know?