YUI 3 Cookbook is off to the Printer!

I’m pleased to announce that the YUI 3 Cookbook is officially off to the printer! Hooray! Unfortunately I’m not actually at O’Reilly Tower right now, but I do have exclusive footage of the printing process getting underway:

You can still pre-order the physical YUI 3 Cookbook through O’Reilly Media, Barnes & Noble, Amazon.com, Powell’s Books, and many other fine vendors. Also: if for some reason you actually like trees, my spies report that ebooks might be available as early as next week! Subscribe to this blog for future updates.

2 thoughts on “YUI 3 Cookbook is off to the Printer!

  1. Thanks, Dinesh! On the cover is a Spotted Cuscus, a cute, shy marsupial that lives in Australia and New Guinea.

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