The YUI 3 Cookbook Draft is Done

For certain values of “done.”

  • Quite honestly, it still could use a couple of Loader recipes.
  • And at least one more i18n recipe.
  • Not to mention Luke Smith totally stole my tripleclick synthetic event recipe and did it better, so I need to redo that one from scratch.
  • Plus I need to update the App Framework recipes for 3.5.0.
  • Ditto for most of the Node.js recipes.
  • Above all, I should really give it a global editing pass before it gets to the editor and copy editor.

Yes, but aside from Loader, i18n, synthetic events, the App Framework, Node.js, and a global editing pass, the draft is done!

  • Maybe a FocusManager recipe.

7 thoughts on “The YUI 3 Cookbook Draft is Done

  1. All this talk of recipes and computer coding is confusing. I’m not sure I smell what Da Goer is cooking…..

  2. Hi,

    Awesome, that sounds like great news =).

    Can’t wait to get my hands on this.

    Just curious – this cookbook is all YUI 3.x based right? There was an Open Hour on 3.5.0 last week:

    I saw you did mention 3.5 above under App Framework recipe – however, how about the other stuff?

    For example, Luke Smith talked about a fairly substantial rewrite for DataTables:

    Will the book cover YUI 2.x datatables used via 3.x? Or will it cover 3.x native datatables? If there are changes post-release of your book, will there be errata on any major things like this?


  3. Hi Victor,

    Thank you! Yes, the cookbook is all YUI 3.x. YUI 2.x just gets mentioned in passing, and there’s also a “2in3” recipe in the Loading chapter.

    All recipes are standardized on 3.4.1, with the exception of the App Framework recipes that need minor changes to comply with 3.5.0. DataTables will likely stay at 3.4.1, unless A) Luke is very sure about the stability of the design and B) the design freezes very soon.

    And yes, there will be errata after the release — so make sure that your spam filters aren’t screening out 😉

  4. heya,

    Awesome, I haven’t played much with YUI3 yet.

    I was going to say – I found the official DT examples for YUI3 quite spartan/bare:

    They didn’t seem to have the breadth and width that the YUI2 DT examples did:

    E.g.: Client-Side Filtering, Buttons, Auto-complete etc.

    Other things like pagination, row selection, in-line editing etc. would also be great to cover – are there any recipes for that in your Cookbook, or is that a bit out of scope?

    And finally – the golden question – when’s it out? *grins*


  5. Yeah, that’s out of scope. For DataTable I show basic usage, how to format the appearance, and how to fetch remote data and apply a DataSchema. Partly I’m hedging against changes to DataTable — but mostly it’s due to limited time and space. Quite honestly, DataTable is like Charts or Graphic… it could easily have a chapter all to itself. 🙂

    As for when the book is out — I’m talking to my editor tomorrow, but for now, figure early May.

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