JSTutorial.net is Up (Sort Of)

Per Echo Nolan’s suggestion, I’ve put up jstutorial.net as a simple static page with links to modern JavaScript tutorials. This is just a temporary measure (although “temporary measures” have a funny way of becoming permanent).
The site lists only two resources right now: Ilya Kantor’s The JavaScript Tutorial and Marijn Haverbeke’s Eloquent JavaScript. This is a pretty tiny list, so any further suggestions are most welcome. The submission guidelines from the site are repeated below.

JSTutorial.net Submission Guidelines

If you have a tutorial to suggest, please contact me. Any suggestion must A) at least be on par with the resources listed above and B) at least make some attempt to target non-programmers in the introductory lessons. There are many sites that meet A) but not B), or vice versa.

Here’s what will instantly disqualify a site:

  • Showing how to use <!-- //--> comments to hide JavaScript within <script> elements.
  • Providing a first example that uses alert() or document.write().
  • Attaching events using the onclick or related HTML attributes.
  • Covering the page with ads, branding, and other extraneous crap to the point where it’s impossible to focus on the actual text.

In other words, a late 1990s tutorial that has been sitting around collecting ad revenue for the last fifteen years will not make the cut. Even if it ranks well on Google. Sorry.