Quetzalcoatl’s Ziggurat of Death

Met up with fellow VPXers Zak (and Sharon), Dru, Lucy, and Erin in San Francisco last night. You know you’re with the right crowd when one minute they’re giving you a proper chiding for falling off the wagon and taking up World of Warcraft again, and then the next minute they start suggesting new guild names for you.

(Regarding World of Warcraft… don’t worry, I’ve got it under control this time, man.)

Anyway, I must say the SF Hyatt is most impressive on the inside. I think I must have been there as a child many years ago, because the feeling of vertigo and “Holy crap, I’m inside a giant open-air ziggurat!” seemed… strangely familiar. Or maybe I’m confusing the Hyatt with the Luxor? Regardless, they did have a loungy bar, which served a drink called “Cotton Candy” that was pink and delicious, and I am totally going to order one on my next first date. If there ever is another first date in my future, because let’s face it, once you get back on the World of Warcraft wagon, things like “talking to women” and “bathing” start to fall by the wayside. Kidding! Got it totally under control! [thumbs up]

The bar also deserves props for making clever use of hanging lights and wispy coverings, strung to create the illusion of a smaller, cozier space. Just don’t look behind you or straight up, because then you realize that no, you’re still inside the scary ziggurat and ohmygod Quetzalcoatl is going to swoop down and eat us all. Ah, the primal human fear of being eaten by giant flying lizards. Although my fellow VPXers seemed unconcerned. Maybe it’s just me? And the Creationists, probably, what with their Pteranodons and all.

Always Watch The Skies.

6 thoughts on “Quetzalcoatl’s Ziggurat of Death

  1. Heh, yeah, the Hyatt is weird. When my friend Demosthenes was in town, we met up there because he was staying ther. (For drinks and food, we went to Thirsty Bear, which is both better and cheaper. Excellent tapas. It’s maybe a ten minute walk. And they have a website, so I’m sure you can find the address, for next time. *g*)

    BTW, LJ seems to think the feed of this entry has “irreparable invalid markup”, and is spitting garbage all over my friends-page. Possibly your RSS feed’s “summary text” uses the first N characters, and that resulted in the summary of this entry breaking off in the middle of a tag? Could be a MT misfeature…

  2. Did we ever tell you about the mall franchise idea Timprov had for selling baked goods twisted into interesting shapes, with a Mesoamerican decoration motif? We’d call it Pretzelcoatl.

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