The MARQUEE Element: Revolutions

Yes, the Matrix stylesheet is back, baby![1]

This Halloween, Marnie and I carved jack-o-lanterns and everything, but no trick-or-treaters showed up at all. It sucks living in an apartment building. We even left a little trail of jack-o-lanterns leading up the door, but no dice. I think we probably scared off the kids, if anything. “Now son, don’t go trick-or-treating at the place of the Evil Apartment People… they’re just trying to lure you in to their laboratory.” Anyway, now between my birthday cake and the uneaten candy, I have a serious excess of chocolate in the house. I guess I’ll take the candy to work, where it will be appreciated by a rather different set of costumed children.[2]

Anyway. I’m trying to stay off this Markup stuff for a little while, but I couldn’t let this pass. Late last week Dave Hyatt[3] decided to add support for the <marquee> element to Safari (presumably in the upcoming Safari 1.2). Coincidence? I think not. Oh sure, in his comments Dave mumbled something about wanting to support certain prominent Asian websites where <marquee> has proved popular, blah blah blah. But we all know what the real reason was. Now if Dave would just add support for the <blink> tag, Safari would surpass Mozilla and reach the exalted ranks of Opera, the only browser in the world currently able to display the Page of the Damned in all its unholy glory. You don’t want Opera to beat Safari on this point, do you Dave? Especially after they said those mean things about Safari

Ah, there’s nothing more fun than stirring up trouble on a Monday morning. You know, this site really is becoming a repository of pure evil. People are already starting to use the Page of the Damned as an example of the <marquee> element; soon I’ll completely corner the competitive <marquee> market, just as I have for cursed frogurt. Yes… everything is proceeding as I have forseen.

1. Not seeing the new stylesheet? Take the red pill, reload the page… and free. Your. Mind.

2. Must keep the demonic engineers well-fed with sugar… or there will be… trouble…

3. I’m never sure — is Dave the lead Safari rendering engine developer? The only Safari rendering engine developer? Or just the only famous one?

4 thoughts on “The MARQUEE Element: Revolutions

  1. Ha! Opera is **still** ahead of Safari.

    Btw. that site is fluid. Not enough for Horror, it should be at least fully fixed to 960 pixel! 😀

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