Cats and Dogs, Living Together

Civilization is coming to an end. No, really. Consider the following: last Tuesday’s post, which was about tedious markup language minutiae, got seventeen comments. The post right before that, which was about the sleazy goings-on at a bachelor party, got a grand total of one comment. Call me crazy, but when esoteric XHTML issues are considered to be more important than girls in short-shorts, something has gone Seriously Wrong.

Not that I’m complaining about my little three-month experiment with comments. So far the level of discourse has been far better than expected. Tuesday’s post was a perfect example: people who I greatly respect were writing in and discussing the issues at hand in a thoughtful and informative manner. It’s like freakin’ NPR over here. Note that at the same time, poor Mark Pilgrim posted about his experience installing Windows XP and received over 200 helpful comments informing him that “your an idiot” or advising him to “get a Mac.” Yeah, Mark — what are you waiting for?

In other news: last weekend was my ten-year high school reunion. Last year Brian had to practically drag me to my five-year college reunion, which turned out to be a lot more fun than I thought. So I was definitely looking forward to the high school reunion, and the reunion did not disappoint.1 My only major mistake was in choosing to host a small post-reunion party, thus giving Nancy the opportunity to snicker at the contents of my bachelor’s fridge.2 I swear that it was full of vegetables just a couple of days before…

Finally, I’ve started a new job with Chordiant Software. It’s not earthshaking news or anything (“FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — CHORDIANT SOFTWARE, INC. ACQUIRES WAYWARD TECH WRITER…”), but I’m pretty excited about it nonetheless. New people to meet, new projects to work on, new software to play with — and a supply closet fully stocked with Swingline staplers. Pinch me!

1. Although unlike last year’s college reunion, nobody proposed marriage to Sherry. Seems like an oversight, but what can you do?

2. Three beers, assorted condiments, and some cheese.

6 thoughts on “Cats and Dogs, Living Together

  1. Still quite edible. However, I got several *independent* comments that my water crackers “tasted just like styrofoam.” So I’m not worried about getting thrown out of the Bachelor’s Union (Local 252) just yet.

  2. You can have some of our condiments if they’re bachelor-approved. I keep trying to use them up before the move, but Some People think two months is too long to go without mustard and keep buying new ones.

  3. As your mother, I am happy to note among the perquisites of your new job a regular paycheck.

    I followed your link to Chordiant’s home page, and I couldn’t figure out exactly what your new company does based on its self-description–other than it involves attractive women looking at computer screens. Still, I have no doubt that you will help them do it better.

    — Mom

  4. M’ris — I dunno, I’m pretty good on condiments these days. See if you can give them away to anyone else, and if you can’t, we’ll talk.

    Mom — What can I say? It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it.

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