Reload Assiduously

No, no, no. The plan all along was to secede from Southern California, not to secede from the entire country. Sheesh. Of course, some folks seem to think they’ve already seceded

So I don’t read the Volokh Conspiracy, but my old friend and personal attorney1 Eric Stenberg writes to inform me about an interesting article on free speech and violent video games by Prof. Eugene Volokh. The article includes a lengthy excerpt of an opinion by Judge Posner of the Seventh Circuit.

Eric says that in law school he and his classmates read a great deal of Posner, and that he (Judge Posner, not Eric) is considered one of the most important legal scholars in the United States today. Judge2 for yourself:

Zombies are supernatural beings, therefore difficult to kill. Repeated shots are necessary to stop them as they rush headlong toward the player. He must not only be alert to the appearance of zombies from any quarter; he must be assiduous about reloading his gun periodically, lest he be overwhelmed by the rush of the zombies when his gun is empty.

And all this time I thought law school would be a drag. Eric baby, where do I sign up?

Finally: I want to apologize to my friends and family for all the geek stuff in the last couple of posts. I’ve recently been quite curious about the status of XHTML on the current World Wide Web. In fact, I spent a fair chunk of Sunday and Monday evening scouring the web for XHTML websites and subjecting them to the validation tests described earlier.

The results were, shall we say, not pretty. But I’m still collecting my thoughts on the matter. Assiduously reloading my shotgun, as it were. So just fair warning: there’s going to be more on this forthcoming. Probably a lot more. I know that you, my loved ones, couldn’t care less about web standards, so please bear with me for now. It seems we’re all going to have to suffer together.

1. Well, the guy I tend to pester with legal questions, anyway.

2. Tee-hee!