High-Art Literary Tradition

Apparently Jonathan Franzen has decided that he is not above marketing
his literary masterpiece,
The Corrections“,
to the middlebrow Oprah plebes.

Franzen says he feels ‘awful’ about feud

My first reaction was HAHAHAHAHA.

Then I tried sympathizing with him. Maybe he was surprised by the announcement
he was going to be in the Book Club. I figure they would have asked his permission
first before going public with it. But maybe it went something like this:

(Franzen’s cell phone rings)

“Johnny! Guess what!” his breathless agent exclaims. “You’ve been picked as
the next member of Oprah’s book club!”

“Oh shit,” Johnny thinks. “There goes my street cred.”

So, a bit panicked, Franzen ends up saying that the Oprah logo makes him feel
“uncomfortable”, and that “I feel like I?m solidly in the high-art
literary tradition.” As opposed to all those other schlubs on the list who

Now, why exactly does one turn down an award?

You do it because you find the award so offensive, that you would
rather insult the people granting you the award than accept it even
grudgingly. That’s a pretty strong statement. I mean, can understand rejecting
an award from, say, the National Alliance book club. But why waste your
ammunition on all those nice ladies who watch Oprah?

So far Oprah is refusing to speak with Franzen, and is presumably moving on.
All I have to say is, you go, girl.

One last unrelated bit: Par Botes forwarded me a link to
OddTodd.com. Maybe the funniest thing I’ve
seen in a couple of months. Be warned, there’s sound.